Convergent loss of an anciently duplicated, functionally divergent RH2 opsin gene in the fugu and Tetraodon pufferfish lineages

Date Published:

May 9


We describe the complete opsin gene families from the sequenced fugu and Tetraodon pufferfish genomes. We report the convergent loss of function of an anciently duplicated, functionally divergent RH2 or "green-sensitive" opsin gene in both pufferfish lineages, designated RH2-2. In fugu, RH2-2 apparently ceased to function very recently following a transposon-induced deletion that truncated the N-terminal 115 amino acids from the translated protein. Although a lack of frameshift or nonsense mutations in the fugu RH2-2 pseudogene suggests that the gene was lost very recently in this lineage, we were unable to detect any evidence of a selective sweep associated with the fixation of the truncated allele from population data. Interspecific comparison of the remaining fugu RH2-2 coding sequence paradoxically indicates that the gene was under strong purifying selection until the truncation occurred.


Neafsey, Daniel EHartl, Daniel LengComparative StudyResearch Support, Non-U.S. Gov'tResearch Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S.Netherlands2005/04/12 09:00Gene. 2005 May 9;350(2):161-71. Epub 2005 Apr 7.

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